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Free Roaming Cat Program

Are you feeding stray cats? We offer a free spay/neuter service for stray/feral/free-roaming cats in our service area.
Left un-neutered, free-roaming cats can quickly grow out of control.
How it works:
  • Make an appointment for the number of cats you plan to bring in. (Click here for calendar with available surgery dates)Bring the cat in to the shelter the morning of the surgery.  Pick it up in the afternoon
  • Release the cat back where it was trapped.

    Important points when trapping:

  • Line the bottom of the trap with newspaper, cardboard or an old towel.
  • Do not leave the trap unattended, as heat/cold, dogs, raccoons and other predators can injure or kill a confined cat.
  • Ants can quickly become a problem in the food and then on a confined cat. Remove the cat to a safe place once trapped. Consider placing the bait bowl inside a slightly larger bowl of water to discourage ants.
  • Cover the entire trap with a large towel or sheet before moving it. Many cats become injured thrashing around inside the trap without a cover. Please do not bring wild cats into the clinic without a cover.
  • If the cat is trapped the night before surgery, keep it safe inside a garage or other enclosed place to prevent injury from predators.
  • Never move trapped cats in an enclosed trunk of a car or the open bed of a pickup truck. If your trunk opens to the back seat, this is okay. If you absolutely must transport in the bed of your truck, please use common sense and secure the traps/cages from moving and cover securely.
  • Cats will be returned to the trap after surgery, and should be kept one night after surgery a safe place to regain its functions.
  • Provide food and water as soon as you get home with the cat.
  • Release the cat only onto its home territory unless you follow relocation guidelines. (click here to view relocation guidelines)


·         Please read our WCRAS Policies for Free-Roaming Cats  
·         Please print and sign a copy of our Sterilization Agreement  and bring to your appointment.
·         Please print, fill out and bring a copy of the Cat Intake Form  
What is TNR?
Trap Neuter Return is the only proven method of controlling feral cat populations where cats are humanely trapped, spay/neutered, vaccinated and returned.
Why do it?
Removing cats from an area by killing or relocating them is not only cruel—it’s pointless. Scientific research and evidence from animal control prove that catch and kill doesn’t clear an area of cats. Each time a cat is removed, a new one will appear, or kitten will survive through a natural phenomenon known as the “vacuum effect”. An endless cycle of trapping and killing will start. TNR is the only proven, effective, and humane way to control the cat population. Neutered cats are returned to live out their lives. They stop the breeding cycle; defend their territory against newcomers, and fighting, spraying, yowling, roaming and having more kittens stops.The cat population stabilizes and declines over time.
How to effectively trap a feral cat:
For more information on TNR, visit Alley Cat Allies:
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