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Brenda has been with us longer than any other volunteer.  Since July 2009, she has faithfully come every Thursday to help the youth learn to train their dogs.  She coaches them one on one and also does a great job showing them how to teach the agility obstacles.  When she isn't being the KNK9 star volunteer, Brenda teaches art at an elementary school and competes with her dogs in dog agility.  She shares her home with two Border Collies and four cats.  Thank you, Brenda!




starCurrent Volunteer Needs

We have many opportunities for volunteering, some that involve working directly with the youth and dogs but most that don't, instead providing behind the scenes support.  Volunteer schedules are very flexible...donate an hour here or there or help every week, your choice!  Contact Us for more information.

Opportunity Time Commitment
- Trainer Coach.  Assist youth during dog training classes.  May lead lessons or provide assistance to another lead trainer.  - Flexible, usually 1 hour per week for 4 weeks.
- Video Design.  Produce short promotional adoption videos of the dogs. - Flexible
- Photographer/Videographer.  Take pictures/videos during the training sessions or edits photos.  We can provide the cameras.
- Flexible
- Adoption Promotion.  Post dogs on Craig's List to promote them for adoption or get creative with other ideas!
- Flexible
- Treat Cutter.  Cut dog treats into bite-sized pieces for the youth to use during training.  We use a lot of treats!
- Flexible
- Treat Baker.  Bake dog treats for the youth to use during sessions.  We offer reimbursement for the cost of the supplies. - Flexible
- Graduation Party Help.  Lots of opportunities including baking/decorating cake, making punch, coordinating decorating, taking pictures, etc. - Flexible
- Handyman.  Repair wooden dog agility obstacles.  We would provide or reimburse for supplies. - Flexible
- Follow-up Calls.  Contact K9 adopters for updates on their dogs.
- Flexible
- Dog Walkers.  We don't have class on the weekends but our dogs would still love to get a walk or some practice on their training. - Flexible, primarily weekends.
- What Else???  If you have an interest or skill you think would be great for K9, let us know!
- Flexible
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