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Callie is Available!

Breed: Boxer/Catahoula Leopard Dog mix Age: 2 years
Gender: Spayed Female
Heartworm Status: Negative

ID #: 15989364

Callie is a beautiful dog who is young, affectionate, and learns new things very quickly.  Callie LOVES treats and likes to play with toys.  She is an absolute sweetheart who is very friendly, affectionate, loving, and loyal.  She looks for her handler every day and, while she loves everyone, she has a special place in her heart for him just like she will have for you!  We took her to a conference in the fancy Omni Hotel and she was awesome.  VERY well-behaved, still did all her tricks, happily greeted all the strangers, was quiet and relaxed, and didn't have any accidents inside.  She was perfect!

Callie rides very well in the car and we were told she is housebroken.  She learns tricks VERY quickly and knows sit, lay down, spin, play dead, shake, and more.  Play dead and shake are her favorites!  She needs to learn how to walk on a collar and leash without pulling but she does really well on a harness that clips in the front (not the ones that clip on their back).  Callie is still a young dog and, while she does like to play for sure, she has a very good calm side, too.  She will be a great companion with a nice, medium energy level.  She would be fine in a house or an apartment as long as she got to go for regular walks.  Callie can jump a 6' fence so she MUST be an indoor dog and not be left outside unsupervised for long periods of time.

Callie would have made a great hunting dog because she finds small animals VERY exciting.  She must go to a home with ABSOLUTELY NO CATS OR OTHER SMALL ANIMALS (including small dogs) and she will need to be kept on a leash when you are walking or at the park.  This only applies to small animals, though, as she has been great with all the kids she has been around and is VERY patient and tolerant of being handled.  Callie has been paired with a lot of different dogs at the shelter and has been fine with all of them.  She would be fine as an only dog or with another dog. She is also learning to go in a crate. Callie learns very quickly.

From Callie's handler: "I'm Cali and I have a playful personality and can be very strong when I want to. I also am very unique, and good with outher dogs. I also learn quickly. Right now I have a verry specal person teaching me skills that will help me in the long run. I am even interested in to all kinds of toy's but the best toy's to me are the squekey toy's and I will do any thing for treats. I am verry playful with kids. I also smell verry good if keeped clean and I do not bite when playing or takeing a treat. That's purrty much it about me and can't waite to meet my knew family."

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*NOTE*  KNK9 dogs are kept in kennels not accessible to the general public without staff assistance.  Please ask staff to bring them to the classroom to introduce you.  Bring some treats!



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Kids-N-K9s dogs may be adopted at any time during the program on a first come, first serve basis but may not go home permanently until graduation night.  We do not have class on the weekends and encourage adopters to take their dogs home during that time, though they must be returned before 3:00pm Monday afternoon for class. 

Potential adopters must come to the shelter during regular business hours to complete an adoption application.  Phone adoptions are also available with special approval for long-distance adoptions. 

Adoption fees range from $25-$75 and includes spaying/neutering, shots, a microchip, and a heartworm test.  All we ask is that you send your success stories to us to share with your dog's handler! 


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