Group Volunteering

Thank you for choosing Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter! WCRAS has one time volunteer opportunities for community, school, church and other groups.

Volunteer groups help with a variety of jobs (mostly related to cleaning and organizing). These projects do not include hands-on contact with the animals in our care, but they are all very important aspects of helping animals in need.

Volunteers who help us with animal care go through extensive training. If you are interested in helping in this way, please read more about volunteering at WCRAS.

Group tasks include: laundry

  • washing dishes
  • cleaning kennels
  • sweeping and mopping floors
  • stuffing packets
  • painting
  • picking up around the shelter
  • washing windows
  • sorting toys and equipment
  • related specialized projects
  • helping shelter staff
  • helping with events

Group guidelines

If your group is interested in helping:

  1. 1. Your group should consist of at least five people.
  2. 2. Any children in the group should be at least 12 years old.
  3. 3. The ratio of adults (21 and up) to children (12 - 15) should be one adult per 3 children.
  4. 4. Work is messy and may be done outside. Dress appropriate for the weather and in clothes you don't mind getting dirty. Volunteers should wear closed toed shoes with tread.
  5. 5. Groups are scheduled according to the shelter's calendar. Not all dates will be available.
  6. 6. Groups can volunteer as early as 9am and as late as 3pm.

To do a group volunteer project, complete and submit this form and email it to ErinĀ at [email protected]

Once your group is approved, each volunteer will need to submit this liability waiver. (Note, children under 18 will need a parent's signature.)

Thank you very much for your support and willingness to help. We couldn't do our work without you!