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Basic Fostering Information

- If you would like to foster, you will need to be 18 years or older and have a valid ID. All members of the household need to agree to the foster and we can conduct meet and greets with resident dogs.
- You do not have to wait for an email confirmation to adopt or foster. Come on up and speak to a staff member.
- Adoptable dogs who are available for fostering can be found here.
- A dog is available for foster if he is large or medium and has been spayed/neutered.

How to become a foster parent

To be elgible to foster you need to fill out the foster application and turn it in to the shelter front desk. You can also fill out this foster application and submit it online.

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Foster Care Introduction Video

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starFrequently Asked Questions

Sometimes we go out of town for the weekend. Do you have any suggestions or programs in place for respite care?

Foster animals can always come back to the shelter when foster families go out of town. Some fosters prefer to hire pet-sitters or boarding facilities at their expense. 

I see that there is an application to become a foster home. Is there any training or any other formality that we would need to complete, like training, home visit, etc?

We do training on an individual basis. The needs of each foster animal may be a little different, so we talk about that individual to each foster family.

We live in Travis County (very close to the Williamson County border). Your shelter is easier for us to get to than ones in Austin. Is it all right if we live in Travis?

Our fosters live in different areas across Central Texas. As long as they are comfortable bringing their foster animals back to our facility for medical treatment and adoption meet and greets, location is not an issue.

I'm a little confused about food/veterinary care. Does the shelter provide either of those things?

We provide all vet care if the animal comes to the shelter for care. If the foster takes an animal to the vet without our consent, we cannot pay for that vet bill.

We provide food when we have food donated. Anytime a foster needs food, they can contact me at [email protected] to see what donated food we have available.

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starFoster Resources

Are you taking care of Bottle Baby Kittens? Check out this awesome resource: SPCA of Texas Kitten Handbook

Need to schedule your foster kittens for surgery? Email the front staff at [email protected]