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The activity and sport of Nose Work is designed to develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of toys, food and exercise. It’s a phenomenal way for your dog to have fun, build confidence, overcome environmental challenges, and use more critical thinking while burning lots of mental and physical energy!

Dog sniffing around a car

Pearl NW1 vehicle search

What Will My Dog Learn? Dogs are already exceptionally capable of finding things with their noses, so we don’t have to teach them how to smell. However, some dogs have the confidence to hunt intrinsically, others must be cultivated. That’s where beginner nose work classes come in!

In the beginner classes, class instructors and handlers (that’s you) set up numerous and diverse situations for dogs to hunt for toy and or food rewards with increasing levels of challenge.

In the advanced stages, dogs are taught to search for tiny hints of odor, and are always rewarded at the end of each hunt. Your dog will learn to search interiors, exteriors, vehicles and containers.

Who Can Play? Nose Work is suitable for just about any dog and any person, even those with some physical limitations. All breeds and mixes of all ages are welcome, and even dogs that are reactive to other dogs or people can safely join a class. Dogs that are human reactive and or aggressive are encouraged to come play in private lessons. A pre-class questionnaire it required for all dogs who want to attend. Most dog activities & sports, such as agility, fly ball, and rally obedience, are not typically suitable for dogs that are reactive to other dogs. Nose Work can open a whole new world of enrichment for these dogs!!

Dog sniffing around a bench

Pearl NW1 Exterior Search

For Fun and Competition You may use food to learn for all four elements (interiors, exteriors, vehicles, and containers).

*If you want to compete that is when you would want to move to introducing your dog to odor. We start with Birch and then introduce Anise and Clove.

Behavior Issues – The Bonus of K9 Nose Work® Owners who have dogs with separation anxiety, reactivity, environmental sensitivity, and other stress-related concerns have reported improvement after doing Nose Work.

How Can I Find More Information? Contact Julie Kay Locke 512 940-7574 or [email protected]

How Do I Get Started? Contact Julie Kay Locke at 512 940-7574 or [email protected] You may enroll and pay online at Once Julie receives your payment, she will send you the pre-class questionnaire, what to bring, and waiver to attend the class.

Benefits of K9 Nose Work:

  • Mentally and physically relaxed puppies and dogs!
  • Easy to go and set up for mental activity for those cold wet winter days &/or too hot to go outside summer days!
  • Fantastic compliment to an already existing Behavior Modification Program for reactive, environmentally challenged, &/or shy puppies and dogs.
  • A supportive and calm outlet for physically challenged dogs (blind, deaf, old/senior dogs, physically limited, etc.). A wonderful confidence builder for those shy puppies and dogs - giving pet parents another avenue to connect and bond with their companion. This sport builds the ultimate relationship!
  • Learn how to read your dog's body language and communicate at a level you cannot get from other canine sport.
  • Learn the world from your dog’s vantage point.
  • You will have more fun than you can imagine.
  • You train and celebrate with your friends and get out and about with traveling classes once you get your foundation in Intro to Nose Work and Introduction to Odor.
  • Prerequisites:

  • Dogs with a bite history on dogs or people and are considered aggressive and intend to do harm are not allowed in a group setting and require a private evaluation and future lessons all on a private basis to continue. Please contact Julie Kay Locke - (512) 940-7574 to schedule that evaluation.
  • All handlers must please complete a pre-class questionnaire so Julie knows how to support your dog in class. This is required to enroll in the class. It will be sent to you to complete once you pay for your class.
  • All dogs must please be able to be crate trained. NO exceptions! We run one dog at a time in nose work so your dog needs to rest and relax in his crate while waiting his turn.
  • All dogs must please be in good health and free of any parasites, fleas, and or ticks. A current vaccination record in required with enrollment.