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Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet learned that military service members across the country had pets that needed a caring and safe home to care for them during the pet owner’s deployment or an unforeseen hardship situation, but had not been able to find someone to care for them.

We are not an animal shelter or rescue organization involved with re-homing of pets owned by the military community or a resource to assist shelters/rescues with re-homing situations involving military owned pets that have been legally surrendered to a specific shelter/rescue.

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Dogs on Deployment was founded by husband and wife, Shawn and Alisa Johnson, who serve in the US Navy and US Marine Corps respectively. As a dual-military family, the founders have been in situations where they needed a program like Dogs on Deployment. Alisa had orders to move to Quantico, Virginia. At the same time, Shawn, was to be deployed. Neither could care for their beloved dog, JD. They were lucky enough to have family to rely on, but recognized the need for a program which would help others who found themselves in a similar situation. Thus, Dogs on Deployment was born.

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Mal-FFunctions LogoMal-FFunctions Disqualified Military Working Dog Rescue

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"Not every dog, despite great breeding, has the 'Right Stuff' to be a Military Working Dog, and when they don't the 341st TRS Military Working Dog Squadron Military Breeding Program, located at Lackland AFB offers them, as appropriate, to other agencies, to Law Enforcement and finally to the community as pets. Mal-FFunctions Disqualified Military Working Dog Rescue supports the people who adopt these dogs by providing community outreach which includes education and social programs, as well as a closed community group on Facebook . In addition Mal-FFunctions rescues and/or rehomes those disqualified MWD's that can no longer stay with the original adoptive family, who end up on Craig's list, or are abandoned in shelters.

We are an all volunteer foster/rescue/educational 501,c(3) organization and do not operate a shelter or kennels. the Our scope is currently limited to dogs who were bred or purchased into the 341st TRS Military Working Dog Squadron and subsequently disqualified and adopted to the public.We are not funded or directly affiliated with this Military Squadron. We partner with other NPO MWD rescue programs."