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About the Play Yards and Memorial Garden


The Play Yards, Memorial Plaza, and Walking Trail at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) are places for shelter dogs to participate in play groups with other shelter dogs, relax with volunteers and staff, and bond with potential adopters.

The benefits of play groups include:


  • burning off energy and reducing stress so dogs are more relaxed in front of potential adopters
  • building social skills so dogs can improve their ability to play and interact politely with other dogs
  • allows staff, volunteers, and potential adopters to see the dogs' true personalities

The donations raised through the Play Yard and Memorial Garden Fund aid in the construction and maintenance of the site. By purchasing an item to help sustain the yard and gardens, not only are you honoring a beloved pet or family member, you are also aiding a life saving program for the dogs of Williamson County.

Engraved Bricks
4x8 Brick, $50
8x8 Brick, $100

order yours here

These bricks will create the walkway for the Memorial Plaza, located between our two Play Yards, the focal point of the WCRAS Park.

The inscription for your 4 x 8 brick can have 21 characters* per line (18 recommended) and 4 lines (3 recommended).

The inscription for your 8 x 8 brick can have 21 characters* per line (18 recommended) and 8 lines (6 recommended).

*A character means any letter, number, space, or punctuation mark.

Questions? Contact April at [email protected]

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