starRescue Group Agreement

I agree to keep all animals adopted from the WCRAS as companion animals until they are adopted. I understand that these animals have been determined to be healthy, but that no guarantee of their health or soundness can be made. I understand the recommendation that I have the animals examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of taking them from the facility. I agree that upon approval as a WCRAS approved rescue group, my facility and other rescue locations associated with the named persons, may be inspected. I also acknowledge that if I refuse inspection of the facility or other rescue locations upon appointment with the WCRAS, my organization and the approved rescuers will be removed from the approved rescue group list. Upon removal from the list, all further animals will be adopted per WCRAS adoption policies and all applicable fees will apply. I further understand that if my facility or rescue locations of members are within a City or County that requires permits for rescue organizations or has an animal limit ordinance, a permit for a commercial animal establishment will apply to all locations containing animals. I accept full responsibility for the humane care and control of these animals and their health and for any consequences of their actions. I agree that all medical care will be at my expense and that I will have the animal neutered prior to adoption. I agree to keep these animals in accordance with all applicable laws of my community, county and state. I agree these animals will not be used for breeding, experimental or medical purposes.

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