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Dear Cheryl,
I wanted to thank you and the very kind staff of Williamson County Animal Shelter for helping us adopt her precious dog, Wilco.  I stopped by last week to visit the shelter because my mom's beloved dog, Tucker, died earlier in the week. I had no intentions of getting her another dog, but wanted to look to see what might be available for future reference. It was my first visit to this facility and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff and facilities. The facilities are beyond clean and the animals were well cared for. I never expected to find another "head lifter" like Tucker at the shelter. I was told that "Spunky" arrived the day before and I just couldn't believe how much he reminded me of my mom's wonderful pet, Tucker. I just didn't think this was possible, and I did not expect it. Cheryl, you and your staff really listened to me as I described the situation of mom losing her beloved pet and I really appreciate the kind and insightful advise you were able to offer when I asked for assistance concerning getting mom another dog. I am grateful for all the help you and Lou Ann and everyone else provided. Kindness reigns at Williamson County Animal Shelter!!!
I went to get mom and let her see "Spunky" (that's what the shelter called him) unsure about what to do...whether it was too soon for mom to get another pet because she and Tucker were so close...would seeing dogs in a shelter make her miss Tucker even more, etc  I'm so glad I went to get mom. (thank you Cheryl for reassuring me that I should let my mom decide if she was ready for another pet) Mom cried when she held "Spunky." No, he wasn't Tucker, but this little guy seemed to know that mom needed his companionship and love and he also knew he'd find a caring, loving home with her. He did his best to convince her that he needed to go home with her and he did!!  He's just a wonderful intuitive guy and mom already loves him so much and he feels the same. Like Tucker, he's another head lifter! Will/Wilco Looks like a blond Tucker and he seems like he is Tuck's younger brother. Will is a blessing that provides my mom companionship and love and my mom never thought it would be possible to bond so quickly with another dog.
Mom calls "Spunky" Will because he's from the Williamson County Animal Shelter and she's from Wilbarger County. The rest of our family calls him Wilco! Yes..he's a Tucker but his own self too. Will is about two, housebroken, loves my mom, is a BIG cuddle bug, loves to lap sit, sleeps on the end of the bed and plays a little ball. He's a smart fellow that knows the inside is in and the outside is out! Best of all he provides unconditional love and companionship to my mom and is a perfect pet for a senior citizen. He's a blessing and we are thankful.
I'm attaching some pics of Wilco.
Thank you again for all your assistance. Williamson County Animal Shelter is a wonderful facility because you and your staff have huge hearts that really care about people and pets. I am so grateful!
Regards to all,


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