starRissa & Sophie

In January my daughter and I drove to Williamson County (since we  live in Milam) to look into adopting a cat.  We found two adorable cats that had wonderful personalities and in the end adopted both (Rissa and Sophie).  Upon getting the girls home they really had trouble getting along and we stressed that we would have to keep them divided or consider finding one another home....neither of which we wanted to do.  Our vet even told us that it was territorial and that one would have to go.  We tried lots of different techniques to make each feel at home (little boxes in separate rooms, bedding in separate rooms, etc.).  And then, suddendly after the first month they became fast wherever one is the other is soon to follow...they play together and sleep together and are the daily entertainment in our home.  We are so glad we stuck out the rough patch in the beginning!  They've even become fast friends with our rat terrier (Pablo) who can be seen napping with them.  Thanks so much to your staff there who helped us find two precious babies that make great additions to our home! 
Lillie and daughter, Mia

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