Peanut, now named Murphy, is doing wonderful.  We’ve gone on a few walks and he’s getting better about not pulling my arm out of its socket.  We all just needed a reminder about correct leash walking.   We discovered yesterday that he is a soccer fan and is great at defense.  Mostly he’s just a lot of fun to have around.  He’s only had one marking occurrence in the house (and that’s amazing considering we just fostered some puppies about a month ago and I’m sure the carpet has some “remains”).    The girls are getting more and more comfortable with him and love feeding him his meals in his crate by hand  (he seems to really inhale it if we don’t do this).  We planned on crating him at night, but we didn’t want to just throw him in there, and frankly, he’s been so good at night I don’t think we’ll need to.  But we’re still working on getting him used to it  just in case there’s a need later; also for him to have his own “space” if he needs. 
Oddest thing:  Apparently he’s not used to seeing himself in a mirror.  We have a full length mirror in the girls room and barks at his reflection and runs into the next room looking for the “doggie in the window”!  Hopefully he’ll figure it out soon J 
I took him Saturday for his blood work to begin he heartworm treatment.  The clinic will call me back later in the week after they get the results to set up a start date for his treatment.  He did pretty good there, but it was a long time to sit and he didn’t appreciate having to share the space with another dog.  We go tomorrow to meet our regular vet and have his rabies vaccine, and I’ll be sure to take some treats for distraction.  Hopefully that will help.  Otherwise he did great (though very interested in the cats in the back).  He’s a very curious fellow and likes to follow us around and be included in our daily activities.  He’s met some of our neighbors and friends and has been a perfect gentlemen J  We couldn’t be happier with him.
I’ll send some pictures and will keep you updated.
Jenny, Rick, Melissa and Madelyn

starPhotos of Peanut

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