We adopted "Hershall" Wednesday May 20th.  We wanted to update you and tell you he is doing wonderful.  His new name is Frank Sinatra (Frankie) named for his beautiful blue eyes.  He has fit in so perfect with everybody in our house.  Him and our min. poodle Delilah get along great.  Our daughter Summer took her very first steps to get to Frankie we were so excited.  He LOVES her, he is so trusting of children he lets her pet him and jingle his tags endlessly.  He is everywhere she is all day until she goes to sleep.  Our extended family came over yesterday to meet our new "child" and we were so proud of his behavior.  He is a perfect gentlemen.  He took a day and a half to completely potty train (only three accidents)  and he already knows "come", "sit", "heal" "lay down" and "leave it".   I am strongly considering going through the process of making him a therapy dog because he has proved very gentle, loving and easy to train.  We are dealing with pretty severer separation anxiety but are trying different techniques to combat this problem.  I never thought we could adopt such a perfect dog, he truly is such an amazing addition to our family.  The adoption process was painless and we found all of your staff to be so great, helpful, professional and informative.  Please see the attached pictures of our new angel making himself at home.  We thank you for taking such great care of our boy until we found him. Thanks again and wish Frankie luck with his upcoming heart worm treatment this Friday.



The Yeakley Family 



starPhotos of Frankie

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