I just wanted to let you know that Ford, the big terrier mix we adopted july 3, 2011 at petsmart in georgetown, completes our family. Hes so smart, sweet, loving, and adorable! Our border collie and our cat LOVE him! He is so so happy and gets bathed once a week and lays around the house all day everyday, even when were gone. Hes never had an accident and always asks to go outside when he needs to go. He loves tug of war with his border collie brother, even though he has to have a rubber ball because he breaks tennis balls! Haha. He also loves frisbee and fetch. Im so happy that you guys gave him a second chance. We love him and so does his vet and the assistants! He is just such a blessing to our family! I was hoping you could add his stories to the success stories page.

        Thank you so much,



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