My name is Christina Psencik, and Oct 2007 we adopted a awesome hound dog named "copper" we changed it to Cooper.  I was just on your web site and saw the succes stories and just thought that I would help and add one more.  Cooper when we first brought him home he just seemed like he could not be any more affectionate.  Now we are sometime later and he is still a great lover.  He was pretty easy to teach new trick.  We had to start at the beginning with sit, but now we walk great on the leash, stays with me when off leash, sit lay down, stay, stand up, roll over, shake and he loves to swim and go fishing with us.  I just want ya'll to know that he is great and is a great addition to our family.  he loves everyone and has really seemed to bond to our 3 year old i would say that they are going to be bestfriend for life.  I love the fact that i saved him from the animal shelter. I hope that many more people adopt from you guys. Our family can't wait to adopt a new friend for Cooper.

Thank you again  he is great.
Christina Psencik

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