We adopted Conrad, now named Falco around mid-September. We wanted to update you on his well-being.
I am attaching 3 pictures. The first is when he was at the shelter, the second is when we cut his hair and shows how thin he was, and the third is what he looks like today.
As you can see from his pictures, he is doing well. We have not taken him to correct his eyes yet but we think it doesn't take away from his looks. Everyone who meets him, thinks he is adorable and we do not disagree. 
He gets along with his "brothers"; they play chase in the back yard. When he isn't playing with his brothers, he is chasing one of the tennis balls we have for him. The one item he loves to play with is a sock. If you've ever read the comic strip "About Mutts" where the cat is on his back with a pink sock, that is Falco to a "T".
We hope you don't mind us e-mailing Falco's progress. Thank you for your time.       

starPhotos of Falco

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