starCinnamon Warm and Toasty

Cinnamon is doing well, we are finishing up with the heartworm treatment right now, she is three weeks away from lots and lots of play. Which she is eager to engage in. Ashley and I have talked about working on training her to do agility racing or, therapy pet type stuff, not sure yet. She is such a good dog. My mom and sister were down in the middle of February and they could not believe how sweet she is. She has really come into her own in our family, she is so smart, and so good. I think she is just so glad to be "home." She is eating very well, and has gained some weight. Once I am done with my internship with the police department, Ashley and I will try and bring her out to visit with you; we will just need to make sure you are there. Or find a nice park to bring her out to near you so she does not become afraid that we are leaving her again. When we had her at the vet for the two night stay she was not real happy with us, Ashley had to walk her back to the treatment area, and the vet called and checked in with us regularly on her personality, she had them worried because she would not eat in front of them. We assured them that she just takes a while to warm to people to feel safe to eat, we certainly don't have that problem anymore! There was much relief on her part when she got home, she went straight to her couch (she has made it clear to us that she prefers the couch, and that it is her couch) and laid down, and just let go a sigh of relief. Anyway we are just thrilled with how well she is doing, and would love for you to get a chance to see her in the future. Hope you are doing well, and that you are finding good homes for everyone.
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