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There are many aspects to consider when introducing a
new pet to your household as well as other issues that
will involve a commitment of time and money. These include:
Are any members of your family allergic to pets? If you move,
what will you do with your pet(s)? Are you prepared to commit
10-15 years to this animal? Are you prepared to deal with
behavior issues such as separation anxiety, digging, chewing,
jealousy between animals, etc? Would you be prepared to take
the animal to obedience training if necessary? Are you familiar
with local ordinances and state laws that regulate the care and
welfare of the animal? What will you do with your animals when
you go on vacations?

The staff here at the WCRAS expects that you are going to be able to care for your pets through their life in spite of any difficulties that may arise. It is not fair for your pet to come back to a shelter because it becomes inconvenient to the owner. Most people who bring their pet to a shelter do so because of financial, health, housing, or behavior issues. Please have a plan on how to care for your pet should any of those circumstances arise.
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